Лада Лофт 1,0

Lada-Loft 1.0


  • The frame of the frame of the canvas is made of pine timber, spliced along the length of the microship. Filling the web consists of horizontal bars and inserts.


  • The door leaf is coated with Verto-CELL, UNI-MAT, Resist, Verto LINE-3D, ECO Shpon covering.


  • Single leaf or double leaf in all models and patterns.
  • All models can be made for sliding door system – with no furniture and with a straight door edges, lower edge is made for guiding metal element, fixable to the floor.











Standard coverage. Finish film up to 100 microns thick with wood texture, ideal for rooms with low humidity. The best combination of price and quality. Doors in this coating are designed for residential premises.

Wear resistant coating. Finish film up to 120 microns thick with a textured wood texture, ideal for rooms with an average humidity level. The relief structure of this coating gives the product a natural wood look. The doors in this coating are intended for residential and administrative premises (hotels, offices).

Premium coverage. The coating thickness up to 150 microns with increased abrasion and wear resistance parameters, imitates the texture of natural veneer, significantly distinguishes this coating from other types of coatings. The doors in this coating are intended for residential, administrative, domestic and other internal premises.

Accessories included

  • three pintle hinges,
  • a lock with an ability to choose a construction under a cylinder, turnkey, plumbing,
  • glass: «Satin» (the width of the glass is changed depending on the width of the door),
  • mate door trims and two door latches for leaf,
  • an oval handle, mortise (for door coupes).


Additional accessories

  • vents,
  • ventilation cut,
  • A handle-lock (door coupes),
  • Lock “Magnet”, “Soft”,
  • Uncrossed cylinder,
  • Regulated hinges Prestige (for door frames Verto- Fit),
  • Decorative linings on the hinges,
  • A handle with lining,
  • Glass Graphite/Bronze.


Leaf dimensions

  • Single-leaf:  «60», «70», «80», «90», «100».
  • Two-leaved:    «120» ~ «180».

Door frames

Sliding system

Sliding system Verto-SLIDE